Extreme Wildfires, Distant Air Pollution, and Household Financial Health

WP 24-01 – We link detailed wildfire burn, satellite smoke plume, and ground-level pollution data to estimate the effects of extreme wildfire and related smoke and air pollution events on housing and consumer financial outcomes.

Featured Work

Climate Risks in the U.S. Banking Sector: Evidence from Operational Losses and Extreme Storms

WP 23-31 – Using supervisory data from large U.S. bank holding companies (BHCs), we document that BHCs suffer more operational losses during episodes of extreme storms.

Q&A: Julapa Jagtiani on Fintech

Our Seventh Annual Fintech Conference in September brought more than 1,500 leaders and experts together to discuss the latest issues and trends related to fintech. At the lead of this effort is Julapa Jagtiani, senior economic advisor and economist. Here, Jagtiani shares details on how the conference started and what lies ahead.

Did Fintech Loans Default More During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Were Fintech Firms “Cream Skimming” the Best Borrowers?

WP 23-26 – A growing portion of consumer credit has recently been devoted to unsecured personal installment loans. Fintech firms have been active players in this market, with an increasing market share, while the market share of banks has declined.

Featured Data

Map of the Third Federal Reserve District

Institutions in the Third District

The lists include a summary of market statistics and each institution’s location and asset size as of the most recent quarter.

Updated: 03 Jan ’24

Map of the Third Federal Reserve District

Third District Banking Conditions

Third District Banking Conditions is a semiannual report comparing the trends of Third District community banks with their national peers.

Updated: 21 Aug ’23

Generic bar graph with bars of various heights

Large Bank Credit Card and Mortgage Data

The Large Bank Consumer Credit Data are based on FR Y-14M credit card and mortgage data provided by the largest financial institutions in the United States.

Updated: 11 Jan ’24